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The Bulldogs

Corey Cox

Decatur Highland Games

Decatur Farmers Market

Gabe Bailey & Rock Steady

Hubie Ashcraft

Island Vibe

Jake Hendershot

Jason Paul

Nerf Wars

Joellen Eidam

Judge Kukelhahn

Krista Miller

Matt Lehman

Roanoke Rounders

Rust Belt Drifters

Ryan Green & Island Vibe

Safety Park Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat 2017

Wades World

Zach Day

Brent Lehman

The Fierce Invalids

One Eyed Wookie

Dueling Pianos International

Judge Miller

Scarecrow Contest winner Bubble Babes

Drum & Bagpipes start the Festivities

Hubie Ashcraft

Scarecrow Contest

Famous Monster Pizza

Monster Pizza

Plein Air Paint Out

Island Vibe

2018 House Decorating Entry

2018 Window Decorating Entry

Brian Corley

WZBD Easter Egg Hunt

David Gerald Band

E5C4P3 - Journey Tribute Band

The Doo Band

E5C4P3 Band

Doug Bauman, Adams County Commissioner Chair

John King


The Klabberheads

David Gerald Band

The Grays

Cook & Belle

Route 161 Happy Wanderers

Seth Cook

Sweetwater All-Star Band

The Naptown Royals

Steel Candy

Hot Rod Kings

American Legion Color Guard

The Bulldogs Performing at the Optimist Club Fall Dance

Bowers Float

Dan Owens Breakfast Servers

Adams Family Float

Adams Heritage

Golden Meadows

Adams Memorial Hospital

Callithumpian Canter

Callithumpian Canter

Poster Painting Contest

Pumpkin Palooza

Pumpkin Palooza

Safety Park Trick or Treat

Callithumpian Fireworks

Creatures of the Night

Poster Painting


Ascend Indiana

2018 Stephen Decatur Award Winner, Susan Zurcher & Family

The Grinch makes an appearance before the Christmas Tree lighting.

Ryan Twiss

Fraud Lunch & Learn

Mayor Dan Rickord

Colton Bickel

Duke Tumatoe

Aleena York.jpg

Damon Mitchell.jpg

Nauty Yachtys.jpg

Sheriff Scott  The Deputies.jpg

Doug Henthorn.jpeg


Derek Jones 2.jpg